Monday, November 28, 2016

And so it is

... like you said it would be
life goes easy on me
most of the time

Its that time of the year, Christmas bells ring, people gather around and sing.

2016 has been harsh yet awfully kind to me.

I must say, we did end up where we thought we would be. But we never thought the journey to get here would be nothing like how we would expect it to be. I survived night rotations, rotations which I didn't think I would enjoy, we went through the trials of job hunting and saw good friends get married and others starting up their own homes and families of their own. We learnt how to go about doing our taxes, learning how to piece together our lives in and outside of work.

I can't believe it.

I guess I am anticipating 2017, I guess it could only bring more good things, can't it?
May the lord continue to guide us, cover us and teach us how to continue to love.